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allwearesaying1All We Are Saying

The Last Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono

On the 21st anniversary of his death, a poignant John Lennon document back in print Lennon’s last interview before his assassination on December 8, 1980, was first published in Playboy in a 20,000 word format in November that year. It saw limited distribution in the US in its full form as a 200-page book, reflecting 20 hours of tapes made that September, but was never seen elsewhere, and is now a collector’s item. This new, revised edition is published with the rare participation of Yoko Ono.

”A fascinating, detailed glimpse into the workings of a musical genius….A valuable piece of work.” – Joe Klein, NY Times Book Review

“David Sheff’s sympathetic questions evoked so much of the Beatle past and of Lennon’s intellectual past and present and future plans that the interview would hardly have been less engrossing and important even it if were not illuminated by tragedy.” – Charles Champlin, Arts Editor, Los Angeles Times

“The interview is lively proof that some of the best Lennon/Ono art was their life.” – Jay Cocks, Time

“The most revealing self portrait of John Lennon’s career….” – People

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gameover1Game Over

How Nintendo Conquered the World

More American children recognize Super Mario, the hero of one of Nintendo’s video games, than Mickey Mouse. The Japanese company has come to earn more money than the big three computer giants or all Hollywood movie studios combined. Now Sheff tells of the Nintendo invasion–a tale of innovation and cutthroat tactics.

“Irresistible. . . almost as hypnotic as a successful video game.” – Christopher Lehmann–Haupt, The New York Times

“For business moguls who someday want to corner their markets, this book is a must–read… Game Over is about as readable as a business book can be..” –Houston Chronicle

Game Over…is ultimately less absorbing than ‘Tetris,’ but not by much.” –Wall Street Journal

“A cross between Barbarians at the Gate and The Soul of the New Machine.” – Chicago Tribune

“Writing with the playful pluck of Mario, the little protagonist of the Super Mario Bros. games, Sheff unfolds an engrossing tale.”
– People

“Mr. Sheff is comprehensive and instructive…The game might be over for this generation of technology, but the future of computer entertainment is still wide open for entrepreneurs as daring as Hiroshi Yamauchi was in the early 1980’s. Whoever those future billionaires are, they would do well to read this book.”– The New York Times Review of Books

“Sheff writes with an almost Dickensian tastiness.” – Times of London

“Finally, a book as provocative as its title, Game Over is a detailed, fascinating, and instructive case study of the management practices and corporate culture behind Nintendo’s extraordinary success. Read it and you’ll never again discuss this Japanese giant as a mere toymaker…. Game Over is a fine and worthwhile read. Don’t wait until your Game Boy burns out its batteries from too much Tetris playing to check it out.” – Fortune

“In his beguiling Game Over, David Sheff, a reporter who spent two years interviewing Nintendo executives in Japan, Europe and the United States, makes it dramatically clear why the company seems so promising. Game Over tells a remarkable series of stories…. And maybe that is its hidden message. Maybe that is what makes it, at its best, almost as hypnotic as a successful video game.” – New York Review of Books

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chinadawn1China Dawn

The Story of a Technology and Business Revolution

In the last 20 years, tremendous breakthroughs in technology remade the US economy. In the process, Americans witnessed the rise of a generation of business titans, named Gates, Jobs, Grove and Clark. In this breathtaking narrative, Sheff brings us inside a similar revolution in China – one of the world’s most rapidly industrializing economies. Behind the transformation of China are entrepreneurs who are transforming the largest nation in the world. Profiling remarkable players like Bo Feng – a leading venture capitalist who has backed some of the most successful Chinese technology powerhouses, and Edward Tian – a business and cultural hero who left his own startup on the eve of its IPO to lead China’s campaign to bring broadband to the entire nation, CHINA DAWN is the story of a business revolution. It is also the story of the social and political revolution the government of China tried to resist even as it encouraged business innovation. Tempted by the promise of growth, the government waged a simultaneous – and losing battle against the Internet’s free flow of ideas.

“An arresting read, with a level of detail about China and the Internet unduplicated anywhere else…. China, at the turn of the century, also comes alive.” –Salon.com“Sheff’s prose is as energetic and alive as his chosen subject… China Dawn draws you into its narrative with a power that exceeds that of any other similar book.” – Barnes and Noble (Editor’s Pick)

“An engaging look at how the net revolution is playing out in a nation where the rules of capitalism don’t apply…. At times it seems like the characters are learning to play basketball in a world without gravity.” – Newsweek“The story of an insurgency, and a momentous one.” – Wall Street Journal

“David Sheff has written a fascinating study of go–getting businessmen at work in a revived China.” —Gore Vidal

China Dawn tells the spellbinding story of the people who are bringing the Internet to China, energizing the Chinese economy and catalyzing massive social change.”– Marc Andreesen

“There is no part of China’s go–go economy that is more dynamic and more catalytic than the information technology sector. David Sheff has given us a revealing glimpse of both its dynamism and its awkward co–existence with the old organs of the Chinese Communist Party. It is not too extreme to say that as goes China’s information technology revolution, so goes China.” – Orville Schell, Dean, The Graduate School of Journalism, UC, Berkeley

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