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The New York Times: “David Sheff is a skilled journalist on an urgent mission.”

This review by Mick Sussman was published in The New York Times.

Sunday Book Review: A Disease, Not a Crime

It must be the purest agony to be the parent of a child succumbing to drug addiction. David Sheff’s previous book was an account of his son Nic’s descent from a thoughtful boy to a sullen pothead to a self-destructive methamphetamine fiend, and of his own tormented and bewildered reaction.

If that book, “Beautiful Boy,” was a cry of despair, “Clean” is intended as an objective, if still impassioned, examination of the research on prevention and treatment — a guide for those affected by addiction but also a manifesto aimed at clinical professionals and policy makers. Sheff’s premise is that “addiction isn’t a criminal problem, but a health problem,” and that the rigor of medicine is the antidote to the irrational responses, familial and social, that addiction tends to set off.

Sheff, a journalist, writes that America’s “stigmatization of drug users” has backfired, hindering progress in curbing addiction. The war on drugs, he says bluntly, “has failed.” After 40 years and an “unconscionable” expense that he estimates at a trillion dollars, there are 20 million addicts in America (including alcoholics), and “more drugs, more kinds of drugs, and more toxic drugs used at younger ages.” Continue Reading →

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New York Times – Science: Clean is a reference work and a manifesto

An excerpt of the review by Abigail ZugerR, M.D.  in The New York Times.

Addict’s Father, Now Advocate

“Beautiful Boy” was a page turner, a dark fable that spoke to worried parents everywhere. “Clean” is a reference work and a manifesto, an annotated map of the same frightening territory where dragons still lurk at the edges.

Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

In “Clean,” Mr. Sheff changes perspective, writing as advocate and journalist rather than distraught father. Still, his story line recreates that of “Beautiful Boy,” tracing the trajectory of addiction from cradle to rehab and beyond with the same question in mind: How does a promising cleareyed kid from a good family wind up in an inconceivable sea of trouble?

His answer, bludgeoned home with the repetitive eloquence of the missionary, is entirely straightforward: The child is ill. Addiction must be considered a disease, as devoid of moral overtones as diabetes or coronary artery disease, just as amenable as they are to scientific analysis, and just as treatable with data-supported interventions, not hope, prayer or hocus-pocus. Continue Reading →

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David Sheff is Receiving the Media Award for 2017 from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). In 2013, he was the Media Award from the College on Problems of Drug Dependence/National Institute on Drug Abuse

David Sheff is receiving the ASAM 2017 Media Award to recognize a person or entity that improves the public’s understanding of addiction, addiction treatment, recovery, or the profession of addiction medicine through the use of a media or publication source.

David Sheff is awarded the 2013 Media Award from the College on Problems of Drug Dependence/National Institute on Drug Abuse Media Award (CPDD/NIDA).

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Presenting Research on Addiction at National Institute on Drug Abuse


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PBS Newshour: David Sheff’s Top 8 Myths about Addiction

Interview with Judy Woodruff – PBS Newshour.

Why We Should Treat, Not Blame Addicts Struggling to Get ‘Clean’

It has been more than 40 years since Richard Nixon called for a “war on drugs,” and yet our prevention and treatment efforts have largely failed to address the chronic illness of substance addiction that afflicts one in 12 Americans and affects millions more friends and family members.

Continue Reading →

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MSNBC’s The Cycle: Challenging everything about addiction

Interview with MSNBC’s The Cycle 

While helping his son battle addiction, David Sheff explains to The Cycle hosts that when it comes to how we view and treat drug addiction, we’re stuck in the past.

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USA Today: Making a ‘Clean’ sweep of addiction in USA

Interview by Craig Wilson – USA Today

David Sheff makes a ‘Clean’ sweep of addiction

The author, who wrote a memoir about his son’s drug problem, is back to argue that substance abuse is an illness.

Q: First off, how’s Nic (now 30) doing these days?

A: Miraculously, he’s doing just great. He’s sober now for about five years, which is the most important thing after his struggles of a decade. He’s in L.A., doing lots of fun stuff.

Q: You look back now and wonder what you’d do differently with Nic, asking yourself, “How could I have…” over and over. What’s the answer to that question? Was there a co-dependence?

A: Yes, in a word. I think I definitely was in denial for a long, long time. Parents like me are wired for denial because it’s just too scary to acknowledge our kids are on the descent. Continue Reading →

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NPR’s Fresh Air: Telling Story of Son’s Struggle to Stay ‘Clean’

Interview by Terry Gross – NPR’s Fresh Air.

A Father Tells The Story Of His Son’s Struggle To Stay ‘Clean’

Why do we imprison people who are addicted to illegal drugs instead of treating them for their addiction? That question is at the heart of David Sheff’s new book Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy. It reports the latest medical and scientific research about addiction and recovery, which, Sheff says, shows that drug addicts are gravely ill, afflicted with a chronic, progressive and often terminal disease.

Sheff’s research is motivated by having watched his son Nic’s addiction nearly destroy him and the family. Nic started smoking marijuana when he was 12 and eventually moved on to shooting heroin and crystal meth. He became homeless, living on the streets, in cars, in parks, and when he did come home, he stole from and lied to the family. Sheff wrote about how the family lived through his son’s addiction in the best-selling memoir Beautiful Boy. Nic wrote about his addiction in two memoirs and has been clean for five years.

David Sheff joins Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross to talk about his family’s experience and why he feels the nation’s approach to drug treatment failed his son. Continue Reading →

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David Sheff On Addiction: Prevention, Treatment And Staying ‘Clean’

Interview by Scott Simon – NPR’s Weekend Edition.

David Sheff wrote a book in 2008 that became a kind of landmark. Beautiful Boy was a painful, personal story of the battle he tried to fight with and alongside his son, Nic, who was addicted to methamphetamines. The book became an international best-seller and made David Sheff one of the country’s most prominent voices on addiction — not as a doctor, an addict or an academic expert, but as a father.

Sheff has continued to try to figure out a road that can lead out of addiction, and he presents that route in his new book, Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy. He joined NPR’s Scott Simon to talk about prevention, treatment programs and the legalization of marijuana. Continue Reading →

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MSNBC’s The Last Word: Why America’s Losing the War on Drugs

Interview by Lawrence O’Donnell – MSNBC’s The Last Word

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